Parents will receive a detailed handout describing Needham Driving School's expectations of the students in addition to policies, procedures, the content of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction, which students will receive. Parents will then receive a copy of the Junior operator's law and read from the Massachusetts Drivers Manual After parents have an understanding of the Junior operator's law, their vital role in support of the law will be explained. In conclusion of the class, the instructor will give advice and provide structure to help parents teach their children to drive. Parents will be encouraged to use the instructors at Needham Driving School as a collective resource for any questions or concerns regarding their children and driving. By the end of this session, the instructor and the parents will become partners in achieving the common goal of teaching the students to become responsible drivers.


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Parent Course Objectives

  • List driving skills required to pass a road test
  • Discuss the classroom curriculum students will learn and the vital role it plays in becoming a good driver
  • Provide parents with information that will assist them in teaching their children to drive
  • Answer any questions parents may have


Weekend and Weeknight courses are offered year around but limited during the summer months.  Classes meet on Saturday/Sunday from 9 to 3:00 PM, and weeknights after school.  . Please note: Students should choose the session that works best with their schedule and schedule make ups as needed. Each session contains the required 15 (2) hour modules in order.

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Classroom Instruction & Schedules

Needham Driving School courses are made up of 30 classroom hours (fifteen 2-hour modules of instruction.) Classes do not have to be taken consecutively or in order. You may finish in as little as one week or take up to a year to complete.  We offer several options for scheduling your Driver’s Education classes. Classes meet on weekday evenings , or on weekends from 9am to 3PM. During school vacation weeks (public and private) and summer vacation, we offer Accelerated, one-week classes Monday- Friday.  You can make-up missed classes in our make up schedule.

Classroom topics

Module 1 "Introduction to Drivers Education"
Module 2 "Signs, Signals and Road Markings"
Module 3 "Understanding the Vehicle and Its Controls"
Module 4 "Basic Driving Skills"
Module 5 "Rules of the Road"
Module 6 "Making Safe Driving Decisions"
Module 7 "Sharing the Road"
Module 8 "How Natural Laws Affect Driving"
Module 9 "Different Driving Environments"
Module 10 "Driving in All Weather Conditions"
Module 11 "Mental and Physical Effects on Driving"
Module 12 "The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving Part 1"
Module 13 "The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving Part 2"
Module 14 "Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making"
Module 15 "Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns & Final Review"



    Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm
    Friday 10am-4pm
    Saturday and Sunday Closed

   July & August Monday- Friday      9am-5pm
   Driving available 7 days a week.




Needham Driving School will offer Accelerated / Intensive 5-day courses during summer and during public and private school vacations. In the Accelerated Course, a student can finish all of the required 30 hours of classroom in just one week.  If you have any other questions please call or email anytime.

Accelerated Class Rules and Restrictions

  •  We offer 5-day, 9AM to 3PM, Accelerated Classes in summer and during public and private school vacations.
  • In the Accelerated Class, a student can finish all of the required 30 hours of classroom in just one week.