Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm
    Friday 10am-4pm
    Saturday and Sunday Closed

   July & August Monday- Friday      9am-5pm
   Driving available 7 days a week.



 * All classroom sessions will be online, taught by a live NDS instructor until at least 05/04/2023. The RMV has approved online instruction until May 4th, 2023.  Classes starting after 05/04/2023 maybe subject to change to online courses but are currently scheduled for in person classroom instruction. 

*You can make-up missed classes in our make up schedule.​​

January 2023 - August 2023 classes 

*Saturday class 845am-3pm (2/11/23-3/18/23

*February Vacation class 845am-3pm


*Tuesday/Thursday class 6pm-8pm


*March Vacation class 845am-3pm


*March Vacation class 845am-3pm


*Saturday class 845am-3pm (4/1/23-5/6/23)

*April Vacation class 845am-3pm


*Tuesday/Thursday Class 6pm-8pm


*Saturday Class 845am-3pm (05/13/2023 06/10/2023)

Starting 6/5/2023 there will be a Monday-Friday class 845-3pm through 8/25/2023 enrollment is open now

Needham Driving School courses are made up of 30 classroom hours (fifteen 2-hour modules of instruction.) Classes do not have to be taken consecutively or in order. You may finish in as little as one week or take up to a year to complete.  Each course has (15) lesson modules 1 through 15 in order. If you miss a class you may make it up during any other class with the same lesson number.  845am-315pm classes are 3 modules a day starting at 845, 11 and 115pm.  There will be  30 minute breaks given between classes. Exact break times will depend on the flow of class. 

Please note: Students should choose the session that works best with their schedule  and sign up for make up classes by emailing